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At ClassOne, our mission is to deliver the world’s highest performing and most elegantly designed electroplating and wet processing systems for the manufacture of advanced microelectronics.

Manual and Automated Electroplating Tools with Application Lab for Process Support
New & Refurbished Spray Solvent Tools (SST’s) for Photoresist Strip or Metal Lift-Off Applications
New Manufactured Single or Double Stack Spin Rinse Dryers for 50 - 300 mm Capability

Electroplating and Surface Preparation Tools | Spray Solvent Tools | Spin Rinse Dryers

Solstice S8 Electroplating and Surface Preparation Tools for Volume Production

Solstice S4 Electroplating and Surface Preparation Tools for Light Production

Solstice LT Electroplating and Surface Preparation Tools for R&D

Trident SST Spray Solvent Tools

Trident SRD Spin Rinse Dryer Tools

ClassOneTechnology - Solstice S8

Solstice S8

ClassOneTechnology - Solstice S4

Solstice S4

ClassOneTechnology - Solstice LT

Solstice LT

ClassOne Technology - Trident SST

Trident™ SST

ClassOne Technology - Trident™ SRD

Trident™ SRD

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Technology Papers

Advanced Semiconductor Plating –
Key Fundamentals

Process Application Note #100 – This paper provides background fundamentals of electrochemical deposition (ECD) in the semiconductor industry for engineers, technicians, and other personnel involved in plating processes.  See Summary Overview

Electroplating Fundamentals – Optimizing Cross-wafer

Process Application Note #101 – This paper presents the basic principles and methodologies for helping process engineers to achieve optimized cross-wafer uniformity in semiconductor electroplating. It provides guidance for users of different plating systems.  See Summary Overview

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