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Welcome to Silicon Valley Sales

Semiconductor Wet Process Equipment Representative and Distributor

30+ years of Industry Experience

Reputable Product Lines

Reliable Customer Service

Represented by Silicon Valley Sales

MT Systems, inc. logo

MT Systems, Inc.

  • Orca Series Fully Automated Wet Process Station

  • Semi-Automated Acid/Solvent Stations

  • Vortex 2000 Fully Automated Intelligent Process System

  • Vertical Tube Wash

  • MicroTech 2, 3 or 4-Tank Servo Transfer Arm

  • Surface Tension Gradient Dryer (STG)

EMU Technologies logo

EMU Technologies, Ltd.

  • 75/100/125mm Single Wafer Pick and Place

  • 150mm Wafer Sorter

  • 200mm Batch Pick and Place

  • 200mm Vertical Batch Transfer with Aligner

  • Selective Wafer Elevator

PCT Systems, Inc.

PCT Systems, Inc.

  • HyperClean Megasonic Systems

  • Mini-Meg Megasonic Cleaning Systems

  • Quick Dump Rinser

  • Megasonic HyperClean™ Generators

  • Tiger Tank™ Process Tanks & Baths

PPB Megasonics logo

PPB Megasonics

  • Ultrasonic & Megasonic Meter

  • Ultrasonic & Megasonic Monitoring Transmitter

  • Ultrasonic & Megasonic Probes

Redstone Technical

Redstone Technical

  • Wafer Carriers

  • Wafer Shippers

  • Wafer Handles

Distributed By Silicon Valley Sales

Wafer Spinner

Wafer Spinners

Hot Plate

Hot Plates

Custom Rotor

Custom Rotors in SST or PTFE

N2 Dryer

N2 Dryers

Chemical Delivery

Chemical Delivery

Softwall Clean Room

Softwall Clean Rooms

Chemical Transfer Cart

Chemical Transfer Carts

Variable Flow Pumps

Variable Flow Pumps

In-line Heater

In-line Heaters

Chemical Filter

Chemical Filters for Liquid and Gas


About Us

Silicon Valley Sales is known in the industry for being a reliable representative and distributor of wet processing equipment and advanced drying solutions.


At Silicon Valley Sales, we stand behind our product lines and make it a priority to always be accessible to our customers. We have always conducted our business with the utmost integrity, which is clearly demonstrated in our long-term partnerships with Fortune 500 companies.

Nolan Harding, the founder of Silicon Valley Sales, has been a key contributor to many high-tech companies, both in Silicon Valley and globally, for over 30 years. As a manufacturer's representative for the leaders in the Semiconductor/Disk Drive/Solar/ & BioTech Industries, Silicon Valley Sales is able to deliver the highest quality wet processing equipment and advanced drying solutions offered in today's market. Being a distributor for several manufacturers allows Silicon Valley Sales to provide your company with complete solutions.

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