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Product Line Card

Enabling clean production through unique wet process equipment and advanced drying solutions.

ClassOne Technology | Electroplating and Surface Preparation Equipment

Single Substrate Manual and Automated Electroplating & Surface Preparation Tools

New Spray Solvent Tools (SST's) - New Spray Acid Tools (SAT's) for Etch/Clean

Technology Development Center (TDC) for Process Qualification and Demo Capability

New Single or Double Stack Spin Rince Dryers

Solstice S4/S8

Solstice LT

Technology Development Center

Trident SST

Spin Rinse Dryers

MT Systems, Inc. | Wet Process Solutions


Surface Tension Gradient Dryer / Marangoni Motionless IPA / DI Water Dryer w/ Vacuum Pump Option

Manual, Semi-Automated, and Fully Automated Custom Wet Processing Equipment including Dry In - Dry Out

Fume Hoods to Enclosed Filtered Wet Stations - Chemical Mixing/Handling Systems - Quartz Tube Cleaners - Custom Carts


Maragoni IPA Dryer

Vortex 2000 with Overhead Robot


Orca Series Fully Automated Station


Semi-Automated Acid/Solvent Stations

Chemical Cabinets for Dispense/Recovery

MT System, Inc. - Quartz Vertical Tube Wash

Quartz Tube Cleaners Vertical or Horizontal

Custom Carts

PCT Systems, Inc.

Quartz Process Tanks - Stainless Steel Process Tanks - Standalone Sonic Benches

Ultrasonic Baths (40/68/170kHz) & Megasonic Baths (450/750/950kHz)

Demo/Loaner Megasonic Tanks - Teflon Coated Immersible Megasonic Plate

Quartz Process Baths

PCT Systems, Inc - Ultrasonic Cleaning & Processing Tank

SST Ultrasonic Tanks

Console Cleaning Systems

PCT Systems, Inc - The Original Mini-Meg 100

Megasonic Tanks

Immersible Meg

EMU Technologies

Wafer Handling Equipment Manufacturer

Ai Wafer Inspection Sorter - Wafer Sorters - Single / Batch Wafer Pick and Place

Vertical Batch Transfer w/ Aligner - Flat Aligner and Elevator

Automated / Manual Horizontal Bath Slide -  Transfer Batch Aligner - Selective Wafer Elevator

AI Wafer Inspection Sorter

EMU Technologies - Wafer Sorter

Wafer Sorter

EMU Technologies - Single Wafer Pick and Place

Wafer Pick & Place

Batch ID Aligner & Reader

Vertical Batch Transfer w/ Aligner

Flat Aligner and Elevator

EMU Technologies - Batch Pick and Place

Automated Horizontal Batch Transfer

Manual Batch Slide Transfer

Wafer Flat/Notch Aligners

Redstone Technical

300mm Process Enhanced Cassettes - Single Wafer Shippers - Handles for Cassettes

Standard and Custom Wafer Process/Shipping Cassettes - FOUPS / FOSB's

Redstone Technical - Waffer Carrier

Custom Cassettes

Redstone Technical - Wafer Shipper

Single Wafer Shippers

Standard Cassettes/Shippers

Wafer FOUP's

Wafer FOSB's

Support Equipment


Single Wafer Spinners - Hotplates - Custom Rotors in SST or PTFE - Filters for Liquid or Gas
Pumps - In-line Heaters - ppb Ultrasonic/Megasonic Energy Meters

Wafer Spinner

Single Wafer Spinners

Hot Plate

Hot Plates

Screenshot 2023-01-20 154919.jpg

Custom Rotors in SST or PTFE

Screenshot 2023-01-20 155028.jpg

Chemical Filters for Liquid and Gas

Ultrasonic/Megasonic Energy Meters

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