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Silicon Valley Sales can provide you with wet process equipment and advanced drying solutions from multiple manufacturers. To learn more about the companies we are official retailers of, click the buttons below.

MT System, Inc. logo

MT Systems, Inc.

MT Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of advanced integrated turnkey wet process and sub-systems solutions for the microelectronics industry, providing stand-alone and integrated systems including substrate treatment, chemical delivery systems, and dryers.

EMU Technologies logo

EMU Technologies, Ltd.

EMU Technologies (Europe) Ltd is a Wafer Handling Equipment manufacturer based in the UK, focused on supplying cost-effective, reliable automated and manually activated wafer handling equipment for 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm applications to the global semiconductor industry.

PCT Systems, Inc.

PCT Systems, Inc.

PCT Systems, Inc. is recognized as the high technology leader in Megasonic cleaning equipment with innovative technologies that provide low cost of ownership, proven reliability, and unsurpassed cleaning performance.

PPB Megasonics logo

PPB Megasonics

PPB Megasonics, Inc. carries an advanced line of cavitation metrology instruments that have been proven to increase yield by accurately measuring the energy and frequency in Ultrasonic and Megasonic cleaning baths, nozzle streams and films, and cell disruptors and homogenizers.

Redstone Technical

Redstone Technical

Redstone Technical was founded to supply cost-effective wafer handling solutions. Our product offering includes New, Surplus and Refurbished products. We inspect and clean parts that have been opened and clearly identify for our customers the quality level of all parts.

Support Equipment & Consumables

We also sell a wide line of support equipment and consumables including dryers, heaters, wafer cassettes, chemical filters, cleanroom equipment, gloves, and disposable apparel.

EMU: Wafer-handling equipment manufacturer | Automated wafer handling | Manual wafer handling | Wafer sorters | Single pick and place machine | Batch transfer solutions | Batch notch and flat aligners

Redstone: Foups | Wafer shippers | 300mm | 200mm | 150mm | ePak | Carriers | Handles | Wafer trays | Process boats & boxes | Zero movement canisters

PPB: Ultrasonic Energy Meter | Megasonic Energy Meter | Cavitation metrology instruments | Digital handheld meters | Probes | NIST traceable calibration


Advanced Drying Technology Surface Tension Gradient Dryer 

Wet Bench/ Wet Process Systems Intelligent Process Station | Vortex 2000 Fully Automated | Automated SystemsSemi-automated Systems 

Chemical Delivery Systems Manual Wet StationsChemical Distribution Systems | Chemical Dispense | Mix Blend Systems | Waste Collection | Chemical Carts 

Advanced Processing Support Tube Wash: vertical & horizontal | Bottle Wash | Quick Dump Rinser (QDR) | Recirculating BathsChiller | Utility Sink  

Automation Linear Transfer Arm | Rotational Transfer Arm | System Software

Solar Wet Process Systems Solar Cell Photovoltaic | Solar Thin Film | Single Crystal Texturing | Multi Crystal Texturing | PSG Glass Removal | Post Saw Slurry Removal and Cleaning | Proprietary Mix Blend Systems

Applications Drying | Cleaning & Surface Preparation | Stripping | Texturing | Etching | Electroplating

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